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October 6, 2007

Dr. Jim Scott
2111 Emmons Road
Jackson Community College
Health and Physical Fitness Department
Jackson, Michigan 49201
To  Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of reference for Mr. Dennis Vogt.  I am currently a professor of health and physical fitness and past chairman of the Health and Physical fitness Department at Jackson Community College.  I am owner/president of Wellness Consulting  Inc.  I have been a wellness consultant for over 25 years. 
I have known Dennis for a number of years on a professional level.  Most recently I was referred to him by a mutual friend who has a physical therapy practice locally.  Subsequently I received a complete Rolfing series. Dennis applied strong, controlled and sustained body work in a very programmed and complete manner.  Although the work was very deep I was seldom sore after a session.  I was pleased with the outcome. 

Dennis always represented himself in a professional manner.  He is knowledgeable, methodical and very competent.  He has a very good  working knowledge of muscle structures and related muscular  functions.  In addition  to doing excellent body work Dennis lives an exemplary life style.  He is a Yoga instructor and lives in a way consistent with his professional commitments.  I recommend Mr. Vogt without hesitation or  reservation. 

Thank  you and best wishes,


Jim Scott Ph.D. 
Professor Health and Physical Fitness Department 
President Wellness Consulting Inc.  

It is difficult to articulate the amazing bodywork that Dennis performs, but I'll try.  I am lucky to have met him and to be the recipient of his work.  There is no denying the power of bodywork and most of us know the benefits of massage therapy – with Dennis you get all that and so much more.  Along with all the physical benefits of massage, Dennis provides an additional dimension with his Structural Integration training.  Dennis will discover, heal, and balance your body.  He also provides more than just the physical aspect; he cares for your emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.  With his training in Reiki and his many years as a yogi, he exudes peace, tranquility and acceptance to all he encounters.  You will walk away feeling restored and rejuvenated. 

Beth Rodgers
American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 1998

Due to an injury as a teenager I have had chronic problems with my lower back, neck and shoulder.  The body work that Dennis has done has greatly relieved those areas leaving me feeling more balanced and comfortable with a strong sense of well being.

Cathy H., Clarklake, MI 


If you ever have the opportunity to have bodywork by Dennis - do not miss it.   He is the very best - always giving much more than you expect.  I have been fortunate to partake in a bi-monthly session for the past year and I have not had an ache or pain during that entire time.  Prior to Dennis I had bi-monthly massages from many different men and woman and I can tell you there is absolutely no comparison in technique and the understanding of the body.  Dennis is a natural healer  and he intrinsically knows and works on the root cause of all pain and disorder, not just on the part that is exhibiting the pain or disorder.  He zeros in on the real problem.  You feel better and better each time.  

Sue H., Cement City, Michigan