Dennis Vogt - Rolf Method of Structural Integration
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Goals of Rolfing

Goals For The Ten Session Series

Specific goals are set for each of the ten sessions. The work progresses from the surface to deeper levels in the body. Each session moves to the next "unwrapping the body package."


The first session goals include freeing the breath, making it more expansive, thus giving greater emotional ease.  It also includes loosening the body armor, the superficial fascia.


The second session goals release the feet, creating a more stable structure.  It gives better contact with the earth. Back work attempts to release spinal erector muscles.


The third session puts the front and back together and balances the flexor/extensor relationship.  Establishing a straighter line from the ear to calcaneus is also a goal.

GOALS 4,5,6:

The fourth, fifth and sixth sessions constitute the pelvic work in particular.  Every structure that attaches is addressed in an attempt to horizontalize and mobilize the pelvis.


Session seven attempts to align the head and neck structures on the body relating to the line (parallel to gravity) from the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

GOALS 8 and 9:

Sessions eight and nine goals relate to whatever is necessary for integration.  They are interchangeable in that the top or the bottom may be done first (shoulder or pelvic girdles).  The idea is further alignment, both statically and dynamically with less specific, more integrative intention.

GOAL 10:

The tenth session is devoted to aligning the structure to create more flow to the movement patterns.  The goal is to have the whole person experience the self as a unity coming from the core within.